Food Industry

Terpenes oil-based products are designed to provide consumers with the characteristic flavor and aroma of the cannabis plant for use in the food and beverage industry.
That is why, to go even further, we wanted to offer the food industry the opportunity, finally, to introduce the flavors of cannabis in all types of food and drink.

ll our products have all the necessary health records and authorizations, as well as certificates to be used worldwide.


Terpenes are at the origin of aroma and the taste, with their molecules concentrated in the essential oils of plants, they have both organoleptic and therapeutic properties.
Terpenes Oil has been working for many years to develop its terpenes and made them certified in the best laboratories, respecting the strictest regulations to develop a safe food grade product.
Our terpenes are among the purest on the market, composed of 100% organic matter, they contain no traces of cannabinoids.